Friday, March 17, 2006

Calling all gun nuts or anti-gun nuts on "Bearing Arms"

First, I believe that the second amendment provides for an indivudual right to keep arms.

Second, the second amendment should receive equal protection to other constitutional rights such as free speech.

Third, this protection should apply to state and private action as well as federal action.

I have read plenty on both sides of this debate (I don't think my position will change through further research). I believe these things both as desirable policy and as what was intended at adoption.

What I would like to discuss and get feedbak on is the "bear"ing of arms. To me, the plain meaning of this phrase is a right to carry arms on my person open or concealed. Right? "Bear" should not be read as being redundant to "keep". Can anyone point me to discussions or cases on point?

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