Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Someone already wrote that

I am really slow at writing things and submitting them. Someday I will learn.

I wanted to write an article on "bear"ing arms meaning that we have a constitutionally protected right to carry firearms but someone already did. On top of that it is pretty good and similar to the style I was comtemplating. Look at it here:

William J. Michael , Questioning the Necessity of Concealed Carry Laws, 38 AKRON L. REV. 53, at 67 (2005).

This one is also good but more of a phrase by phrase parcing of the Second Amendment:

Kevin D. Saczepanski, Searching for the Plain Meaning of the Second Amendment, 44 BUFFALO L. REV. 197, 221 (1996).

I also found these two bibliographies that were quite comprehensive:

Published academic scholarship on the Second Amendment

David B. Kopel, Comprehensive Bibliography Of The Second Amendment In Law Reviews

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